Home from the Green Gathering

Oh dear, I just got my first lesson in writer’s block. I returned from the Green Gathering last night, and was over the moon with the amazing time I’d had, and fizzing with all sorts of stories and information, which I promptly spilled to anyone in the house that would listen, envigorated with enthusiasm. Then I did all the mundanities that anyone would do after getting in from a few days away… walked the dog, dealt with the post, unpacked, did some work and went to a meeting today. All the while I was doing this thinking, ‘I’ve got so much to blog about – but I’ll do it later’. So I sit down to put finger to keyboard, and suddenly all the amazingness goes from my head. All I seem to be left with is the ability to write “I went to a festival and it was good. Very useful and enjoyable and I think I’ll go again”. HELP! I don’t want to write this, I want to write the passion, inspiration, experiences, thoughts, feelings and memories I was so enlivened by. Instead all I seem to have though is contrite witterings and a few grainy photos. Ouch. More from me later when I’ve regained my inspiration, my flame, my Awen. I suppose I shall have to regenerate my memories from intellect and factual recollection. But it won’t feel the same. I want to write with the passion I so dearly felt for the past week. *Cries*.

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