MuddyBootsHerbalist Vlog

In the first few hours of 2017, an idea came to me… and idea to reach out to people in a more accessible form than my writings. To face the camera (not easy for me as I’m naturally introverted) and talk to the world. I set up a video blog on YouTube called ‘MuddyBootsHerbalist’ – the idea was to make a completely unscripted and irreverent, off the cuff Herbal Medicine Vlog discussing matters relating to herbal medicine, traditional medicine systems, ethnobotany, horticulture and materia medica – and a good deal more besides! But true to the form of a vlog, I think video is the best medium to convey what I’m doing here:

Herbary also is the obvious place to put shownotes an backup materials for the video blog.


MBH 009 Introducing Wood Avens (Geum urbanum).
Introducing this forgotten herb and looking at how its botany and some traditional uses.

MBH 008 Mailbag Monday Continental Loot
A recent trip to Germany leads the MuddyBootsHerbalist to return home with some loot – a large beer glass, and beer (now drunk), a good selection of herb seeds, and most interestingly, super strong vinegar called Essigessenz. Now what to do with the vinegar? Comments and suggestions requested…