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Winter Stillness… and Honeyed Ale

It is only 6 weeks to the start of the new year’s season starting to roll into full swing and for me, this time is a seasonal night of rest before the dawning of the new year. So I sit… And watch. I watch the dusk creeping in over the mountains. And stoke the fire for another early evening lost in thought. An aid to that thought is mulled drinks. […]

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Cwrw Ysgaw – Elderflower Beer (Recipe)

I have a bit of a strange relationship with Elder (Sambucus nigra) – it is a medicinal tree that I love dearly and have a lot of space in my heart for. It is a sacred tree in the Germanic folk traditions and every part of it cries out to be used. I even know someone who makes Welsh bagpipes from the stems, which are hollow. Yet, I just can’t […]

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Crabapple Mead

About 4 years ago, in the first autumn we had our land project, Cae Non, we had little produce from the land to show for our investment but were keen to experiment with what we had. One example of this is my exploring of crabapples. Originally, I’d thought of macerating crab-apples in brandy and sugar to make ‘Crabapple Brandy’ – think along the lines of Sloe Gin but different. But […]

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