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Should I have shut?

January is almost over, and with it the first month of the second year of the coronavirus pandemic. And I have a problem and a conundrum to solve. Back when all this unfolded last Spring, and the first lockdown happened, I suspended any face-to-face patient consultations and took on patients I could treat without examining them (which to be fair is most of them). And critically, the dispensary did not […]

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“Modern Healthcare’s approach to chronic conditions is like knocking down all four walls of a house in order to repair the roof; the roof may not be needed any more but at least it got fixed. At what expense?”

Black Friday: A new festival for the church of consumption

It’s that time of year again. A monstrosity of an occurrence imported from America called ‘Black Friday’. Only the nation that has a festival dedicated to being thankful for what they have could invent an event the very next day where they underscore what they do not have and want.  In theory this is the time of year when American businesses would go ‘into the black’ financially. But it has […]

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Statutory Regulation, Saxon Science and a draconian, medieval Government

So herbal medicine has been in this news quite a lot this week. Normally, I like any publicity or exposure that my chosen profession and pet subject receives. But not this week. This week has been a bizarre contradiction of disclosures and an exercise in hyperbolic statements made without engaging common sense first. This week the government published its ‘Report on the regulation of regulation of herbal medicines and practitioners‘. […]

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