The Journey Continues

Mortarboard on Book

It is almost five years since I graduated from the University of Lincoln with a degree in Herbal Medicine. Since that time, A lot has happened. I’ve built a reasonably successful practice, I’ve written books, I’ve travelled the country working as both a herbalist and an EMT. I’ve taught courses. I’ve grown a lot of herbs, and seen a lot of patients. A lot changes in 5 years. I often […]

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The wonders of Conwy Seed Fair – A herbalist’s perspective

Hand collected wildflower seeds

Transcribed from my notebook scribblings, 26th March 2019  Sitting in the afternoon sun, watching the hustle and bustle of a street fair being dismantled. Today was Conwy Seed Fair, and it dates back over 700 years. We arrived in the mid morning sunshine, pleased to see Conwy high street full of people buying plants and seeds (and other things too!). Some years it has felt like there has been a […]

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The Queen is Dead, or Succession

Something I’ve never seen before in 6 years of beekeeping. I have top bar hives, and they stand about 18″ above the ground. Every winter a small pile of dead bees forms under the entrance to the hive. These are old bees that have died over the winter, and are removed from the hive by their colleagues for sanitary reasons. But today something bigger. The large bee on the right […]

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A Herbalist’s Valentine’s Roses

A Herbalist's Valentines Roses

An early spring day. This feels like the first day of Spring in Wales, although many would call this ‘winter’ by its meteorological definition. But how can I call this day ‘winter’? The birds are singing, the bees are flying, and all around me, plants are waking up; their leaves shooting forwards from bursting buds. It is starting to warm up; a thin jersey is ample protection from chills. How […]

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When Man’s Warehouse is Bare

Stellaria Infusing

Before Christmas, I posted about Nature’s cupboards being bare; something I wanted and needed to harvest wasn’t available to me. This time it’s something far closer to home for many; suppliers being out of stock. Perhas it’s the time of year, at the tail end of winter before the new season, but every supplier I have looked at for a recent herb order has been out of stock of something […]

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When Nature’s Cupboard is Bare

Vivid blushing bracket

A little context…  …Skip to main article if you want I don’t learn do I. How many times have I told people to listen to their bodies?Yet, the ‘cold’ that I’ve had for two weeks and been ignoring, pressing on with work, hoping it will go away, hasn’t gone. Half three this morning, I wake feeling rotten, and coughing up copious amounts of dark, yellow-green phlegm – in plugs. Yuck. […]

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The Pet Teacher?

Ethanol Molecule

Finally, something happened tonight that I have been dreaming about for a couple of years. I taught a group of people who are training to be Medical Herbalists. I have never made a secret of my desire to teach other practitioners or teach my subject at a professional/degree level. So tonight I had my first chance to do just that – running the first part of a two part webinar […]

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…And did I notice?

Delicate Rose

For the past few weeks, there has been a mini spring – a little regreening, and second blossoming at the start of Autumn. Every morning as I was getting dressed, I looked out of my window and saw little globes of colour in the early morning light. They are the return of Rose flowers to my herb garden. But I have not spent any serious time sitting – or working […]

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Dreams from the fireside

It is night-time. Well, mid evening but as the days grow ever shorter and the night-time lengthens, I keenly feel the change in seasons. The darkness closes around me like a cloak. I am bathed in a puddle of soft, soothing light. Next to my feet a large mug of tea steams, its vapours drawing up the chimney in whispy whirls. A log burns in the grate, crackling and steaming […]

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