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When Man’s Warehouse is Bare

Stellaria Infusing

Before Christmas, I posted about Nature’s cupboards being bare; something I wanted and needed to harvest wasn’t available to me. This time it’s something far closer to home for many; suppliers being out of stock. Perhas it’s the time of year, at the tail end of winter before the new season, but every supplier I have looked at for a recent herb order has been out of stock of something […]

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When Nature’s Cupboard is Bare

Vivid blushing bracket

A little context…  …Skip to main article if you want I don’t learn do I. How many times have I told people to listen to their bodies?Yet, the ‘cold’ that I’ve had for two weeks and been ignoring, pressing on with work, hoping it will go away, hasn’t gone. Half three this morning, I wake feeling rotten, and coughing up copious amounts of dark, yellow-green phlegm – in plugs. Yuck. […]

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Dreams from the fireside

It is night-time. Well, mid evening but as the days grow ever shorter and the night-time lengthens, I keenly feel the change in seasons. The darkness closes around me like a cloak. I am bathed in a puddle of soft, soothing light. Next to my feet a large mug of tea steams, its vapours drawing up the chimney in whispy whirls. A log burns in the grate, crackling and steaming […]

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Hemp – A Herb with Mass Market Awareness

Canabis Leaf SVG

Hemp. It’s all about Hemp. I sold quite a lot of Hemp products today – it made the fair I attended profitable instead of covering the cost of the pitch and petrol and convincing myself I’d made a profit as often happens. Just talking to people, it became clear that it is successful because Hemp has a ‘Brand Awareness’. People are aware of Hemp from popular culture. They know what […]

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