Hemp – A Herb with Mass Market Awareness

Hemp. It’s all about Hemp.

MBS Fair Stall April 2018I sold quite a lot of Hemp products today – it made the fair I attended profitable instead of covering the cost of the pitch and petrol and convincing myself I’d made a profit as often happens.

Just talking to people, it became clear that it is successful because Hemp has a ‘Brand Awareness’. People are aware of Hemp from popular culture. They know what it does through internet memes. They recognise the shape of the leaf. They recognise the smell. In other words, people have a relationship with the plant. And I’m quite sure that relationship will potentiate the effect of the hemp (at least on the psycho/somatic levels).

Canabis Leaf SVGIsn’t it a shame that the general public doesn’t have such awareness of other herbs in the same way! If people had the same awareness of Hawthorne, Valerian, Liquorice, and Plantain, think what a different world it would be. And how much easier the role of us Herbalists in community engagement/outreach!

That said, I am quite sure that in time, Hemp will become a valued medicine, and additition to the Herbalist’s materia medica. I’m also sure that in time, the prohibition on full-spectrum Cannabis products will end. We really do need to ensure however that we herbalists gain, and retain access to Cannabis though – if we aren’t suitable custodians of this plant-medicine, who is? Perhaps it can be added to Schedule III/Schedule 20!?!?

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