Oak before Ash

Oak Before Ash

This. So much this. These two photos were taken on the same day a couple of weeks ago – The Oak clearly coming into leaf, and the Ash tree barely budding… Not much has changed since then!

These is an old saying that goes something like:

‘Oak before Ash, you’re in for a splash;
Ash before Oak, you’re in for a soak.’

Whether this is in any way useful in forecasting the weather to come this summer is a moot point. But it is understood to reflect the weather in the winter and early spring before the leaves do open. Now, this year, the Oaks have very much come out before the Ash trees here in Dyffryn Nantlle. However, it’s been a very hard, wet and cold spring – you’d think the ash would be out first.

Does this mean that we have a dry, warm summer in store? Or more of the same? I suppose we’ll just have to see whether we get splashed or soaked this year…

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