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Blueprinting Herbs

This summer has been busy indeed, and has left me little free time – it has been a summer of sometimes 16 hour days as I see patients, grow, forage, gather and harvest herbs – and process them into herbal products for storage and use throughout the coming months until next summer. Something that has been very nice to play with in between my work has been a form of […]

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New Storage Space (Blame it on the contractor…)

When I first stocked my dispensary last summer, I had relatively few herbs (around 50) in small quantities (below 250 ml. I stored these in an old white MFC cupboard, but it was rather flimsy, and visibly sagging under the weight. Also, bottles were arranged besides – and behind – each other, sometimes also balanced on top of each other. As I have built up my practice, the space I […]

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Notes on Stocking a Dispensary

This summer I went through the process of setting up a dispensary, and had to determine what I needed to buy. Earlier today, a question about setting up was asked on a herbal medicine questions forum. This is my answer. I’ve included it here because, in my usual verbose way, it is more of an essay than an answer… “Here’s what I did: Look through all the prescriptions you wrote […]

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