Cinderella shall go to the ball…

Those that know me may know that I had planned to go to the Green Gathering this summer, to do a 3 day first aid course, beforehand and then crew at the festival in the herbal/first aid van. That plan was interrupted by lack of funds a month ago, and I had to give back word – in short, I couldn’t afford the course before hand.

Anyway, this evening I got a text appealing for extra crew – and that the first aid certificate wasn’t needed (Things must be tight?). I now have a small part time job to keep body and soul together, and can now afford to go – so I accepted. I’m going down this Thursday. Talk about last minute! I’m kind of blown away that it’s all come together so quickly this close to the event!

I’m really looking forward to this opportunity as I get rather a crash course in accute medicine – people turning up asking for help with godknows what. It will push me and stretch my clinical abilities, push me to be able to deal with lots of people at the same time, and more importantly, my ability to think on the spot and be flexible. I can’t wait. It also gives me a springboard to use to make a push to get my own act together and get my plans for my own practice rolling back at home when I get back.

I’m also really looking forward to the festival too – It will be nice to touch base with some like-minded individuals, and have a good time for a few days. I’ll have my camera and take some photos, and I’m sure will have material for a few blog posts at the end of the weekend!

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