The Pet Teacher?

Finally, something happened tonight that I have been dreaming about for a couple of years. I taught a group of people who are training to be Medical Herbalists. I have never made a secret of my desire to teach other practitioners or teach my subject at a professional/degree level. So tonight I had my first chance to do just that – running the first part of a two part webinar for a group of Herbal Medicine students on the art – and science – of tincture-making.


A screenshot of me teaching in the Webinar

So, I spent two lovely hours explaining a bit about the chemistry of Alcohol, why it works and how it extracts herbal constituents. I dived into the mathematics of making tinctures and how to use the calculations to get a consistently repeatable result; why it matters to be precise. And when you can get away with not being precise. Finishing up on things like full-spectrum extracts and multi-marc processes.

I feel like I’m walking on top of the world. I feel both elated yet humble to have been asked to run these sessions. Who knows where this opportunity will lead in the future!

But ultimately, I’m happiest knowing that what I have taught will be used – and used by students who I’m sure will turn into consummate professionals, who, hopefully will use the information I have imparted to give our profession resilience, strength, and flexibility in uncertain times.

Another marked step in my professional journey! I wonder what else this path will lead me to do?

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