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The Pet Teacher?

Ethanol Molecule

Finally, something happened tonight that I have been dreaming about for a couple of years. I taught a group of people who are training to be Medical Herbalists. I have never made a secret of my desire to teach other practitioners or teach my subject at a professional/degree level. So tonight I had my first chance to do just that – running the first part of a two part webinar […]

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Off to the Scottish Radical Herbal Gathering

So, early tomorrow (more like later today as it’s after midnight) I am off to the Scottish Radical Herbal Gathering. One of the organisers, Ally Hurcikova was half a year below me at University and has now got deeply involved in the Scottish Radical Herbal network. So I was blown away when she invited me to present at this gathering/conference/event. For me, it marks another step on the journey – […]

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