MBH 008 Mailbag Monday, German Loot

MuddyBootsHerbalist is back, fresh from travels to Germany. And what did I find there, well, quite a few things! A mahoosive beer glass (Maßkrug) for a start! And beer to go in it!

I arrived home to find a lovely little goody box full of bottles, spray and pump dispenser tops and other goodness from Andy Hughes (The Sussex Herbalist). Thanks Andy!

But what of my trip to Erfurt, the charming medieval city in the middle of Germany?

It was lovely to be reminded of Erfurt’s Woad growing past – there is now a museum/shop dedicated to this. Very imformative it was too. I’d love to try making some woad dye myself but think I might stink out the neighbourhood doing so!

Well, I got seeds – a lot of seeds, and very reasonably priced. The lovely company Chresthensen has a shop right in the middle of town that is a paradise for a herbie who likes reasonably priced herb seeds.

And most interestingly, I got strong vinegar. What the Germans call Essigessenz – ‘Vinegar Essence’. A 25% acetic acid brew for pickling and preserving. Now; this is where you come in dear reader. What should I do with it? I have 1200 ml of it and was thinking of trying a Hawthorn extract, something bitter, and something aromatic – a balance of different things to see what the extraction profile is like. But what do you think I should try? I’d love your input!

So comment below, or on the video’s YouTube page – I’d love your suggestions!

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