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The wonders of Conwy Seed Fair – A herbalist’s perspective

Hand collected wildflower seeds

Transcribed from my notebook scribblings, 26th March 2019  As I write this I am sitting in the afternoon sun, watching the hustle and bustle of a street fair being dismantled. Today was Conwy Seed Fair, and it dates back over 700 years. We arrived in the mid morning sunshine, pleased to see Conwy high street full of people buying plants and seeds (and other things too!). Some years it has […]

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MBH 008 Mailbag Monday, German Loot

MuddyBootsHerbalist is back, fresh from travels to Germany. And what did I find there, well, quite a few things! A mahoosive beer glass (Maßkrug) for a start! And beer to go in it! I arrived home to find a lovely little goody box full of bottles, spray and pump dispenser tops and other goodness from Andy Hughes (The Sussex Herbalist). Thanks Andy! But what of my trip to Erfurt, the charming […]

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