So, Christmas Day

So, Christmas day. You can almost hear the world breathing as up and down the land, families come together or friends meet up. This is psychic quiet time, where everyone’s thoughts turn inwards.

This year, more than ever I feel I need that quiet – and more now than a single day can provide. So I’m closing the business apart from emergency repeats until after twelfth night. The same goes for work on the house. I may work on the garden or especially on Cae Non, as these give me great nourishment, but all else apart from warm, family time is cancelled.

That said, late last night I couldn’t sleep, so I cleaned the dispensary/put everything away/tidied up. Listened to 9 lessons and carols on the world service, then midnight mass from St. Chad’s. I’m not a catholic, but the preacher did seem to be spreading the Christmas spirit in an apropriate way.

Greetings from our fireside to yours this ChristmasGreetings from our fireside to yours this Christmas (The laptop and notebook are because I was in the middle of writing this post! This is the real deal)!

So, now I have a beautifully clean dispensary – which is filled with christmas food (thanks mum) – though I usually keep food out of there. And I sit watching the breeze in the pine trees warmed by a roaring fire and relaxed by this year’s Wild Strawberry Vodka – which is much improved upon since last year’s batch!

I’m aware that some people I’ve shared this christmas (so far) with may not even be here next year… you never know. So let’s all remember what Christmas is for and _make_ the time to _have_ time. Go on, you, I and everyone else deserves it. If you can’t share with those around you, try sharing it with those in need of a friendly face, in whatever way you’re able.

Merry Christmas… …one and all 😀

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