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The wonders of Conwy Seed Fair – A herbalist’s perspective

Hand collected wildflower seeds

Transcribed from my notebook scribblings, 26th March 2019  As I write this I am sitting in the afternoon sun, watching the hustle and bustle of a street fair being dismantled. Today was Conwy Seed Fair, and it dates back over 700 years. We arrived in the mid morning sunshine, pleased to see Conwy high street full of people buying plants and seeds (and other things too!). Some years it has […]

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“Modern Healthcare’s approach to chronic conditions is like knocking down all four walls of a house in order to repair the roof; the roof may not be needed any more but at least it got fixed. At what expense?”

It’s only a number…?

A couple of days ago, I had a birthday. Okay, a rather large birthday. I turned 3o. For someone who has always been told that I am older than my age, and having had three separate careers in the last 15 years (Pilot, IT/Developer, Medical Herbalist…) being 30 should be in keeping with where I am in life – if not even older. But I feel like this birthday has […]

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Why do I do it?

Another day comes to an end – I sit, in complete silence, the only sounds in the house are the tick-tock of the cuckoo clock, and an occasional rustle as embers settle in the grate. This is winter – not yet the deep mid-winter, but it is Samhain eve; to Celts the start of a period of limbo lasting until the midwinter solstice. And, as the sudden jolt of the […]

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So, Christmas Day

So, Christmas day. You can almost hear the world breathing as up and down the land, families come together or friends meet up. This is psychic quiet time, where everyone’s thoughts turn inwards. This year, more than ever I feel I need that quiet – and more now than a single day can provide. So I’m closing the business apart from emergency repeats until after twelfth night. The same goes […]

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Spring Around the Corner

It’s so clear today as I walk the dogs… the air seems to have been cleaned of all impurities, as it sucked up and scrubbed through a giant filter. It smells cold, and catches the back of the throat; a sharp, tangy sensation. The sun’s going down and the day’s almost done… fires being lit in the village, sending smoke rising to hit the inversion layer and spreading out to […]

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