The busyness of starting a business

So, high time for a post from me to document my journey. This really is a post explaining why I’m not writing a post… but there is news to report, and that’s exactly what I shall do.

So, all systems are go in starting up my herbal medicine practice. I have made a decision to launch on a certain date – the 20th of August, and will have all the groundwork and preparations that are needed by that date. I’ll need to, because for the last few weeks, I have been helping to organise a local summer fair. It’s the perfect platform to launch the business – it’s a small event, but will get me noticed very quickly in home teritory, it’s an opportunity to test out how I interect with the public, and gives me a deadline to focus my efforts, ensuring everything is ready for a certain time and that I don’t just drift, taking until Christmas to do anything meaningful with my ideas. It’s a focal point in other words. It could also be described as a bit of a practice run – I’ll be doing several events over the coming few months, including Conwy Honey Fair in September.

However, getting all that I need to sorted out is taking a mammouth input from me… I’m working night and day. The dispensary is still a kitchen… or was. It’s now been emptied and this afternoon’s job is painting it. The majority of my herb stock is on order but still hasn’t arrived – though it’s due on Monday. Working out what I needed and what I could afford at this stage was interesting. I’ve spent most of yesterday printing out business cards and leaflets on what must be the slowest inkjet printer known to man. I’ve been trying to cultivate my social media presence with facebook and twitter updates – which can actually take quite a lot of time. And I’ve been spending at least an hour a day helping with the plans for the fair it’s self.

So, that’s what’s going on at the moment… no peace for me until Wednesday night. I will likely post shorter updates either to facebook or to this blog as work progresses…

Fun Day

Finding one’s self lying in a car park for a photo opportunity for a local event – all in a day’s work for a herbalist…

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