The Tincture Maker’s Cheat Sheet 2nd Ed Ebook

First Book Launch!

Whether you’re a practicing herbalist, would be tincture-maker or pharmacist interested in plant based medicines, this handy guide to tincture making will have you making medicinal tinctures in no time!

‘Cheat sheets’ that take the calculation or guesswork out of making quality tinctures with reliable results.

This book contains:

An introduction to tincture making to get you started in no time!

Specifications for almost 170 different herbal tinctures – turn the fruits of your garden or foraging into medicines in no time.

Data-tables of look up values – the ‘cheat sheets’ to take the calculating out of making your tinctures. 50 different sheets for every possibility.

Taking it further – Learn how to make:

Infused tinctures
Deccocted tinctures
Distilled tinctures
Ethanolic glycerites

Further reading, suppliers, contacts and much more!

Also available in hard copy form Amazon.