Winter Stillness… and Honeyed Ale

It is only 6 weeks to the start of the new year’s season starting to roll into full swing and for me, this time is a seasonal night of rest before the dawning of the new year. So I sit… And watch. I watch the dusk creeping in over the mountains. And stoke the fire for another early evening lost in thought.

An aid to that thought is mulled drinks. These are handy for the home brewer as you can disguise some pretty rough grog with spices and use up alcohol that wouldn’t stand pleasurably on it’s own merit. Many at this time like mulled wine, and I don’t suppose there’s anything wrong with it – but my preference is to mulled cider or even mulled ale.

Spiced Honeyed Ale

2                Pints Best Bitter
1/2            Pint Orange Juice
1 Tbsp.     Honey
1 Oz.         Fresh Stem Ginger, Chopped
2 tsp.        Cloves
2                Cinnamon Sticks, or 1 tsp ground Cinnamon powder
1 Capful [half a shot] Whiskey per glass

Place all the ingredients, apart from the whiskey in a saucepan. Warm to about 60 degrees C, or until a lively steam without coming to the boil. Strain into pint glasses, being mindful for cloves. Add a capful of whiskey to each glass – it will make the ale sweeter and ‘open the flower’.

Taken from the upcoming book ‘Seasonal Affective Order: Reflections, Recipes and Rituals around the Year. Available in 2018

Gillian has also blogged about this magical afternoon here

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Great post! Definitely have to try this recipe

Herbary says:

If I’m honest, Jade, I didn’t use best bitter – I used co-op 4 for £2.50 plonk. Still was lovely 😀

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