As busy as bees…

Spring day… the bees are busy…
… And the day is busy as bees…

After a fruitful but tiring week of organisation, planning, collaboration and thinking, the week ahead promises to be another manically busy time… but of teaching, working, and inspiring.

But, just for this afternoon, I take time to just be what I am. A herbalist in Spring. I planted Borage, Calendulas, and Escholtzia (Californian Poppies), as it’s been too cold to sow them so far. I also harvested Chelidonium (Greater Celendine) this afternoon, as it’s just about at it’s peak here. That’ll be dried and made into the Schedule III tincture and kept in the poison’s cupboard!

Seed sowingBunches of Chelidonium
The Spring IS late. But now it is finally unfolding, the fresh vigour of the plant world is infectious. It is lovely to see ‘new’ plants moving into the area, that I haven’t seen here before. Down by the lake (Gloddfa Glai) Bluebells are starting to move in, though I think they are the hybridised strain.

I found wild violets here for the first time also! And many new wildflowers that even I don’t yet recognise that are new this spring.

Viola odorata

New summer, new flowers.

The Hawthorn is just starting to come out… I must start winding up to make tinctures…

… Pity that the alcohol licence still isn’t here!

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