dawn of a dispensary

So, it’s 14 hours after I made my last post on here. Making more than one blog post in a day could become a thing. But what an exhausting day it’s been! The arrival of two large boxes of stock, and nowhere to put said stock prompted me, very rapidly into preparing my dispensary. It had been empty for a few days, awaiting painting and other TLC, however other things – like putting my business website up, and printing my leaflets/business cards, took priority.

12 hours later, most of the dispensary has been painted, a cabinet hoiked in from the garage where it had been waiting, other shelving repurposed, and a thorough clean all round left the dispensary ready for my new stock. Might as well get that booked in the stock file, so Emma and I decided to book it in. Which takes us to now. Just gone midnight, 14 hours since starting today’s herbal activities, and the job is done. All the herbs have been put away, logged on my computer, and made ready for use. I’m knackered. But I’m also happy it’s done… now I can get on with the business of being a herbalist! Phwew. Tomorrow will be time to make some exciting products to sell at the summer fair on Wednesday! Got to keep busy…

Before and after. Exhausted after a long day of cleaning, painting, organising and cataloging stock!

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