FCE: Passed

Today has been my last exam. It was my final clinical exam, and I had been psyching myself up for it for weeks – possibly since I got my dissertation in.

A few minutes after the exam, I was told I’d passed.

I can’t believe it – the emotions running through my brain are a mixture of relief, elation, excitement, happiness… and a little bit of a bitter-sweet emotion as well. This is the end of my journey as a student, and the start of my onward journey as a practising herbalist. Although I’ve kind of been practising for the last three years anyway, this marks the start of me making my own destiny a reality and really starting to learn my profession.

It is symbolic that a Ginkgo nut that I planted back in the winter has been sprouting over the last couple of weeks, since just before I took my final written exams. Today, it started unfurling it’s first green shoot from the stem. This represents my own journey. The past three years I’ve germinated and put my roots of knowledge. The sprout of a leaf marks the start of my journey as a practitioner and the tiny amount of wisdom I’ve accumulated so far. When the tree is big and old, I’ll be (dead??) also old, and will have gained much knowledge and wisdom from my years in practice. That is all still to come, but the green shoot of that process has come through.

Ginkgo Nut sprouting

One journey has come to an end, and another is about to start… but now is the time to celebrate, and honour the last three years and all the positive changes to me as a person and as a practitioner that the last three years have brought!

You’ll find me with a pint in my hand in the Square Sail or the Horse and Groom!!! 🙂

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