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Why do I do it?

Another day comes to an end – I sit, in complete silence, the only sounds in the house are the tick-tock of the cuckoo clock, and an occasional rustle as embers settle in the grate. This is winter – not yet the deep mid-winter, but it is Samhain eve; to Celts the start of a period of limbo lasting until the midwinter solstice. And, as the sudden jolt of the […]

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Last Day of Clinic | Letting Go

Another milestone made. Today was my last day of clinic. For me, this is actually more profound than taking my last academic exams last week. Clinic is where I feel I have done most of my learning, at least practical learning, and the kind of learning I will be using in my own clinic in the future. And, because we often work as a group in clinic, there is a […]

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Communal Clinic Room

One of the things that I’m sure will change as I move towards setting up my own practice is having other therapists immediately available to check, consult and discuss cases, and other non herbal stuff with. As I write this, I am making up some clinic hours shadowing one of the second year clinics. Because there is nothing really for me to do at this stage, other than physically be […]

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