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“Modern Healthcare’s approach to chronic conditions is like knocking down all four walls of a house in order to repair the roof; the roof may not be needed any more but at least it got fixed. At what expense?”

Black Friday: A new festival for the church of consumption

It’s that time of year again. A monstrosity of an occurrence imported from America called ‘Black Friday’. Only the nation that has a festival dedicated to being thankful for what they have could invent an event the very next day where they underscore what they do not have and want.¬† In theory this is the time of year when American businesses would go ‘into the black’ financially. But it has […]

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Why I’m self hosting this blog – The Transience of the Internet

This blog is the third incarnation of my attempts at being a ‘herbal blogger’. I’m hoping it will also be my last! While the aims¬† and goals of this blog are definitely for another post, written at another time, there is one thing that has smacked me squarely in the forehead and made me decide to self-host this blog (I had thought of Blogger, could be tumblr originally). The first […]

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