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Black Friday: A new festival for the church of consumption

It’s that time of year again. A monstrosity of an occurrence imported from America called ‘Black Friday’. Only the nation that has a festival dedicated to being thankful for what they have could invent an event the very next day where they underscore what they do not have and want.  In theory this is the time of year when American businesses would go ‘into the black’ financially. But it has […]

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Merry Midwinter

Merry midwinter everyone. Today, the sun stopped slipping down the horizon and for three days, the length of day and night will not move. For the next three days until Christmas eve (sometimes it’s Christmas day) the sun ‘stands still’ (solstice in Latin). It is a time of great reflection and looking inwards. Today we did that… we gathered in the woods down the quarry and came together for a […]

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