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More Baldwin’s Herb Maps

The journey of finding a variety of ,herb maps’ online keeps on unwinding. After I discovered that the herb map of Europe was made by Baldwin’s, I went to their blog with the intent of finding out more about it. Didn’t find any more information than I already knew, but I did find some more Baldwin’s infographic herb maps. Here they are… Herb Map of South America Herb Map of […]

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Herb map of Europe | The other side of the pond

A couple of days ago, I wrote about a rather lovely map of America where each state/area was illustrated with the medicinal herb typical of, or grown in that area. I found, and still find it enchanting. ` Recently, another herbal friend of mine on facebook shared an image of a European Herb Map where each area of land is represented by the herb or medicinal plant that it is known […]

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A foot in both worlds | Herb Map

A friend on Facebook recently posted a link to an article containing a very interesting poster. This poster is from America, and was created in 1932 for the National Wholesale Druggists Association as part of a promotional campaign.  It is a fascinating map of herbs grown across America, and as a herbalist who uses many American herbs myself, seeing them on a map really helps me to place things. It’s […]

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