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Seasonal Affective Order

Brown Birch Bolete

The year has well and truly turned. We are now at the half-way point between the end of summer proper, and the festive season of Yule, Christmas, whatever you call it. I never got on well with autumn growing up: a mixture of ME and generally overdoing it in the summer months always lead me to end up in a pretty ‘orrible state by the end of October. Then the […]

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A Part of the Forest…

Something really special happened today – I found Fly Agarics growing down in the woodland by Dorothea quarry. There were signs of more having fruited, but I ‘only’ got 4 – one very large, one, and three smaller ones. But that isn’t the real magic. The real magic is that I’d been picking Acorns, and had them in my shirt pocket. Every time I bent down to pick a mushroom, […]

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