A Part of the Forest…

Amanita muscariaSomething really special happened today – I found Fly Agarics growing down in the woodland by Dorothea quarry. There were signs of more having fruited, but I ‘only’ got 4 – one very large, one, and three smaller ones. But that isn’t the real magic.

The real magic is that I’d been picking Acorns, and had them in my shirt pocket. Every time I bent down to pick a mushroom, about five acorns fell out of the pocket.

I had an unbelieveable sense that I had become a part of the forest and was autonomically and involuntarily doing the forest’s bidding by distributing the acorns.

We are always part of the forst – just as the forest is a part of us.

We might deny it, or rationalise it away, but there really is no separation. Just connection. And integration.

As I walked back I thought of all the spores falling out of my basket, and made sure – consciously this time – to walk past Birch and Pine trees.

The woods have reminded me of an important lesson. And the villagers must have wondered why I was shaking my basket over the stands of connifres and Birch.

…A gift received and a harvest found,
A service rendered and a contribution back to the ground…

Autumn's Reflection

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