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A couple of days ago, I wrote about a rather lovely map of America where each state/area was illustrated with the medicinal herb typical of, or grown in that area. I found, and still find it enchanting. `

Recently, another herbal friend of mine on facebook shared an image of a European Herb Map where each area of land is represented by the herb or medicinal plant that it is known for. it is also rather lovely, just as the American one is.

Herb map of Europe

This map came from Baldwins, a long standing supplier of herbal products in the UK. As the map is relatively low-resoluon, I can’t zoom in enough to make out any biographical detail or a date… But I’m guessing it is contemporary with its American cousin, though I can see a web address on the top of the map, so maybe it’s a modern poster designed in the style of the 30s.

Anyway, this is further fuelling my interest in creating a ‘forragers herb map’ of the UK, with areas where certain plants of medicinal value grow clearly marked, though rather than a map made of herbs, I fancy doing one more in the style of American map I wrote about last week. I have always been someone who loves to visualise information in a nice, appealing way, and would love to create something more modern, yet timeless as these maps are. Who knows, just as these maps were originally sales gimmicks, perhaps I could give such a map out to my patients.

I expect I’ll be playing with this as a project over the summer – if I have any free time!!!

Update – 19/05: Debs Cook, the prolific herbal blogger, commented on this post on Facebook, and mentioned that as it contains hyperlinks, some of which are to recently formed websites/organisations, this map is modern but made in a vintage fashion. 

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