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So, after spending an age pressing F5, and waiting for Blackboard to recover from crashing under the load of everyone else also hanging on the refresh button, I finally found out what my mark for this year, and indeed the course, is. It’s a high 2:1. I can’t quite believe it. I really should, as it follows almost exactly the marks I’ve been getting on my work for the last academic year. Pity it’s not a first, but oh well… I shouldn’t be too down: it’s still a good mark.

Casting my mind back 3 years, it wasn’t even certain that my health would take doing the BSc full time… and with doing two courses at once in the first year, coupled with my accident messing up the 2nd year, where my marks were low 2:2 grade, it’s a good recovery.

It’s nice to draw a line under the last 3 years… I’ve had to fight to get where I am… not because of an inability to do the work, but everything else in my life challenging my ability¬†to do that work. But now it is done. Finished. I’m reaping the rewards. This course has come full circle. Next week will be the third aniversary of going to Lincoln for my last minute interview… where I was also told that I should start that year because the course was fundamentally changing. And it did.

It feels poigniant to finish, because not only is it an end to this chapter of my life, but it is an end to the full time Herbal Medicine Degree at Lincoln. An end to the Bridge House clinic where I have made so many memories – happy ones, challenging ones…. a sea of thoughts, feelings, emotions and learning that have made me into the practitioner I now am.

For today, I celebrate. And tomorrow I rest. Then after that, it’s all systems go putting years of plans into action and staring my business. A dream that has been long in the forming.

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